Grow fungi for profit in a small area. 

Turn waste materials into $$$ and have a mulch or compost to use or sell at the end!

Set up, grow and sell in under 4 weeks.

Low input costs and high profit margins.

Your study is based on a 6mx2.2m growing area- the size of a shipping container. But almost any spare area can be quickly set up to grow edible fungi following the straight forward, low cost, course directions.

Start with oyster mushrooms, learn the techniques, develop your market, then start another variety.

Course covers Oyster, Shiitake and Field mushrooms.

How to- set up a growing area : prepare : look after : harvest.

Non chemical approach. 

 Learn now, grow at your pace: supply markets, restaurants, shops or sell at your gate. 

 NB- oyster and shiitake use no manure. Production is smell free, you can grow them anywhere!

Opportunities in Australia and New Zealand still available in some areas.

Phone now!   021 8 FUNGI

High yields

Shipping container

 Garage conversion.

Supermarket sales


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